For Your Beauty Needs Microneedling at home!

Improvement of four-fold elasticity filling
(in-depth elasticity/upper elasticity of dermis/outer elasticity/restoring power for skin elasticity)
Helps improve deep wrinkles in major parts of your face
(deep wrinkles around eyes/wrinkles around mouth/nasolabial fold/wrinkles under eyes)
Helps improve facial skin laxity
(fill frown lines between eyebrows/fill the flat forehead/skin loosening on cheeks/loosened cheek line)
Helpful for uniform skin tone up! Helpful for improving skin moisture! Hypoallergenic test completed!



For Your Beauty Needs

As with all of the products we offer, our Lobody Form Mid Frequency anti-cellulite and fat removal.  Quality assured and guaranteed to help. We believe in providing our clients with an incredible selection of industry-leading beauty for the best results. Do you have any questions? A valued member of our team would be more than happy to help.



The start  skin health! Cellstory!

Skin, an experience of dramatic miracles!

Cellstory Plus Cellpant Meso - Care program! 100% one-day cosmetic program!Specialized 8 steps of the program for beauty experts! The innovation of skin care! A new concept of skin care, Cell plan Meso-Care! Micro-Spear awakens skin energy!Safe! Mild! Pure! Effective!By figuring out the real mechanism by which skin is newly made, CellStory's differentiated Micro-Spear is delivered deep into the skin and helps your skin recover gloss and vitality and eliminates dead skin cells naturally.Differentiation of Cell story Plus: disposable single package, no harmful preservatives added/no artificial color added/no artificial fragrance added. 3 growth factor proteins that give strength to the skin (EGF/IGF/FGF). The amino acid complex that provides energy and nourishment for the skin. Wrinkle improvements, Skin texture improvements, Skin elasticity improvement, Skin barrier enhancement, Skin brightening, Skin tone equalization!


Melting Collagen Masks

The Difference You’re Looking For

We know how important your appearance is, which is why we only sell top quality Melting Collagen  Masks which you’ll love. Come by our store and purchase everything you need in order to take care of your beauty needs. You’re welcome to get in touch or stop by and speak with our experienced medical esthetician, who will do a skin analysis for you and continue with skin care consultation,  advise you on which products are best suited for you.