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Viora IPL Hyperpigmentation

The most effective Viora V-IPL Pigment Lesion Treatment! It is both powerful and safe, giving you amazing, visible results even after the first treatment.


Skin color is determined primarily by melanin. The color of our skin is a combination of genetic and environmental factors. UV radiation triggers melanocytes in the basal layer to produce melanin. After the IPL treatment, the pigment granules and cell debris are eliminated from the tissue by phagocytosis. Some of the pigments may be eliminated through crusting.

Viora IPL Laser Hyper-Pigmentation Removal

This treatment is effective on all types of photoaging, including:

  • Chronological Aging (intrinsic): the skin loses its natural ability to retain moisture, and the production of new cells and collagen is inhibited. (Sagging of the facial tissue.)

  • Photo-aging (extrinsic): changes due to exposure to UV radiation, degradation of collagen and elastin fibers, including deep wrinkles, sallowness, and dyschromia (discoloration).

Our skin color is determined primarily by the melanin concentration which is influenced by genetic and environmental factors. However, there are many types of pigmentary disorders, which may be inherited or acquired (infection, side effects of disease, etc.), influencing our skin tone and appearance. Some disorders affect just patches of the skin, while others affect the entire body, with different “diffusion” within the skin, in lateral direction and depth. Moreover, the pigmentary disorders may appear due to an increase in the concentration of Melanocytes and some in the Melanin production itself.

We in Viora are committed to providing safe, healthy treatments with minimum discomfort and maximum results for even skin tone and hyperpigmentation free skin you ever dream of.

Brighten-up your skin and shine!

Featuring a variety of solutions for hyperpigmentation, Viora’s Technologies dramatically reduce hyperpigmentation lesions, making the skin tone even and bright. in the treatment, the high concentration of melanin in the pigmented lesion is affected by energy, leading to local coagulation and consequential removal of the effected skin cells. It also reduces the formation of new pigmented spots and appearance of excising by balancing the synthesis of melanin and melanocytes activity (Tyrosinase’s inhibition). 

Skin Health:  Viora life Tips to Pigmented Lesions:

  • The main factor for most of the hyper-pigmentation disorders is of course direct sun exposure. By protecting our skin with high factor SPF creams, we protect our skin from reoccurrence and aggravation.

  • The range of pigmented lesions can vary between small discreet lesions to large. Shape and location within the skin are important as it affects the treatment strategy. Therefore, only after professional diagnoses should the treatment regimen be proposed.



  • Can I treat any type of pigmentation?

    • Yes, but the pigmented spot should be evaluated by professional dermatologist first to eliminate any skin condition and determine the exact type of hyperpigmentation. This will allow your practitioner to choose the most appropriate treatment for you.

  • How many sessions are needed?

    • Some pigmented spots are disappearing post one session (the more superficial spots) and some require additional 1-3 or 6-8 sessions, depends on the skin Fitzpatrick or condition.

Small area

(Partial face,  hands)

Single session - $200

Four sessions - $700

Six sessions - $1,100

Eight sessions - $1,400

Medium area

(Full face, neck, décolleté, back)

Single session - $250

Four sessions - $900

Six sessions - $1,350

Eight sessions - $1,800

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