Hyper - Pigmentation

The best Viora V-IPL Pigment Lesions Treatment! Most powerful and safe IPL technologies ever!

Absolutely amazing and visual results even after the first treatment!

Skin color is determined primarily by melanin. The color of our skin is a combination of genetic and environmental factors. UV radiation triggers melanocytes in the basal layer to produce melanin. After the IPL treatment, the pigment granules and cell debris are then eliminated from the tissue by phagocytosis. Some of the pigments may be eliminated through crusting.

Effective on any type of Photo-Aging, like Chronological aging (Intrinsic) - skin loses its natural ability to retain moisture, the production of new cells and collagen is inhibited. Sagging of the facial tissue.


Photo-aging (Extrinsic) - changes due to exposure to UV radiation. Degradation of collagen and elastin fibers. Deep wrinkles, sallowness, and dyschromia (discoloration) damage to DNA. This treatment works on skin concerns, like Lentigines, Age dark spots, Freckles, Solar Lentigo, Keratosis, Melasma, Hemosiderin, Poikiloderma, Becker Nevus.

Small area

Partial face,  hands

Single session - $200

Four sessions - $700

Six sessions - $1,100

Eight sessions - $1,300

Medium area

Full face, neck, decollete, back

Single session - $350

Four sessions - $1,400

Six sessions - $1,900

Eight sessions - $2,500