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24kt Gold Facial Toner lotion Glycerin combination / retaining moisture while the Citric and Grape Acid are toning, brightening & anti-aging cell repair.4 oz The skin pigmentation continues to become more clear, radiant and even.

Throughout history gold has been used in jewelry and cosmetics, from the Egyptians to the Aztec gold was believed to have magical properties of youth and vitality. Gold stimulates collagen and elastin production activating regeneration and speeding cellular processes.

The 24kt Gold toner gives your skin a youthful, ultra smooth, glowing look. The main benefit of gold that is used through skin care products is the ability of the gold to increase the radiance that can be seen through the skin. The Colloidal Gold within the 24kt Gold toner is dissolved into tiny particles that are suspended within the collagen gel mask so they can be easily absorbed by the skin. In combination with other ingredients within the facial toner, allows for maximum absorption into the skin. The 24k Gold toner has pure mineral gold infused,

with high-strength natural plant collagen and anti-oxidants including Vitamin E and caviar extract to promote rapid collagen and elastin synthesis to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and will be firming and hydrating the skin for a lasting youthful glow. Try this treatment together with 24kt Gold Under Eyes Treatment.


You may have seen exotic skin creams laced with ordinary metals like copper proven to help wounds heal. But now precious metals like gold and pearl are beginning to appear in very high-end facial products. The most dramatic of all the metals is 24-karat gold flakes, in this case, suspended in a toner that improves facial elasticity and firmness. Gold being the softest metal, the flakes melt right into the skin and leave it tighter, smoother, and more hydrated, with an almost imperceptible golden glow.

24kt Gold Facial Toner

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