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Skin Resurfacing

Even and smooth skin with Viora Skin Resurfacing treatment!
Even skin tone and texture – the preferred item on the wish list of most patients!
Suitable for all skin types, safe, with limited downtime, Viora’s skin resurfacing procedure promotes the formation of new skin cells to give the skin a tighter, smooth and more youthful appearance.
V-FR Handpiece - Beyond Fractional Results! Fractional Treatments for Complete Resurfacing Skin!
Fractional RF treatments allow for safer, more comfortable treatments for patients looking for skin resurfacing, rejuvenation, acne scar clearance, wrinkle reduction and pigmentation disorders.

V-VR Improved Sex with vagina rejuvenation

* Suitable for all areas of the body outside the face (neck, hands, chest, arms, abdomen)
* Color-blind – Suitable for all skin types (compered to fractional lasers) & Year round treatments
* Shorter downtime
* The only Fractional Technology that has real depth penetration control (not via energy).
* The only Fractional Technology that has control over biological response.
* The only Fractional Technology with reduced pain (due to vacuum, cooling, smart-heat).
* The only fractional system that reduced burns thanks to the vacuum.

Skin resurfacing is a proven way to help reduce inconsistencies on our skin surface, uneven skin tone and texture. By creating ablation of the epidermal skin layer, Viora’s SVC™ Technology (V-FR Handpiece) assists in creating a smooth skin surface.

Single Session - $250

Four Sessions - $850

Six Sessions - $1350

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